Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pink hair, Don't care!

It's always fun to change your hair. I think it's important to have your own identity and your hair is a feature that expresses your personality. So I decided to dye my hair pink! Pink is a beautiful color and so feminine. I've been seeing pastel colored hair a lot lately. Lady Gaga was an inspiration, she has had her all different shades of pastels, pinks, baby blues, and lavenders. It's an interesting color because usually pink is striking, but its soft and subtle. So subtle that it almost seems natural.


  1. Hi your hair color is spectacular may I ask.. do you remember what brand and or number the color is? I have been searching for a color like this for so long I love the look !! well done

  2. The pink hair looks very pretty, I like how it blends in with your blonde. I've been trying to maintain blonde hair but I'm gifted with the HUGE inconvenience of super fast growing hair. lol my BLACK roots can reach what looks like almost half an inch within two weeks! I've been googling how I can blend my roots to look like i ombre'd it so I can keep some of the blonde on my tips but it looks complicated. I might just play with a crazy color as my last hurrah and then go darker.

    i like to post hair tips and such every once in a while on my blog too, k.i.t!


  3. I love it! And the make-up is perfect with it! :)