Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So my best friend and I are obsessed with this show called True Blood. We've always been in love with the character, the Queen of Louisiana because she has the most gorgeous red hair. She wanted me to do her hair just like hers. She began as a blonde, and I turned her into a hot red head! I made her a ginger in two processes. I first began by filling her blonde hair in, she was a level 8 with level 11 ends. I put an 8G on her light ends so that when I put the red in her hair the ends wouldn't be bright red. After, she turned into a nice golden blonde. I weaved in some shades that were one level lighter and darker of the red base color I chose. I weaved in 7X Scarlet, and 8CG, and I used 7CG and 6RC together for the base color. I'm really happy with how it came out. The high lights and low lights contrasted well with the base color. It really gave the whole color a lot of depth and looks rich, vibrant, and full of color! I also think I did a great job of making her look like the Queen too. Here's a photo of what Chelsea looked like as a blonde, then her as a red head. Then the last picture is of our inspiration.

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