Thursday, November 11, 2010

Journey of a lifetime...

If I was fortunate enough to be chosen for this internship, I would take full advantage of the entire experience. To have the chance to work with Matrix Artistic designers is the chance of a lifetime! Being taken to salons and events all around the country would give me so much more knowledge about hair for various reasons.
 Meeting other hairdressers around the country would open so many doors for me. I would learn new techinques, styles, and trends. Also, traveling around the country will help me have a better understanding of different cultures because not everyone is the same. I believe it is important to understand different cultures because each culture has their own identity. To be able to express those identities is what I love to do through hair. I enjoy connecting with stylists who share the same passion because we can always elaborate on creating something more beautiful and better. People I have followed to mentor me are my biggest inspirations. So to be taught by stylists who have so much knowledge about hair would be incredible.
 I would share the knowledge I would receive from this experience. It is wonderful that I will be able to document this journey on the internet. I will be able to share what I've learned and inspire other stylists. I want to be able to make other hairdressers get more excited about hair.
After this experience I want to be able to make a name for myself. It has been a dream of mine to become a platform artist. I want to be able to confidently teach a room full of people how to make their clients look and feel great. Learning from the best would help me get closer to my dreams!
I'm obsessed with hair, and I want to be able to learn the ins and outs of this industry. I would be absolutely honored to work with Matrix.

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